Electronic Components & Sub-systems



D3CI offers analog and digital Electronic Components & Sub-systems:


       - Memory modules:
              Static RAM
              Dynamic RAM (SDRAM, DDR/DDR2, DP)
              NAND FLASH
              Magnetoresistive RAM
              Phase Change RAM
  - Computer Modules based on DSP, PowerPC, LEON, FPGA ┬Áprocessor IPs
  - Low Power DC-DC converters

  - Custom micro-electronic packaging:

      Hi-Rel packaging techniques for embedded systems applications

      Selected components and materials suitable for avionic and space

      Variations of packaged components or bare semiconductor configurations
      for optimized form factor solutions:

                       - Single or Multi-cavity Hybrid / Hermetic Ceramic

                       - System-in Package / SiP stacking - Plastic & Hermetic


High Reliability Electronic Solutions


D3CI provide Design, Manufacturing & Testing of Electronic Components & Sub-systems for Industrial, Medical, Avionic and Space.



         -  Manufacturing access: Access to Proven technologies & products
         -  Test Engineering & Test Services:
            Compliance with international standards - ISO, NASA and ESCC standards            
            Electrical/Parametrical characterization - Analog & Digital Components & Sub-systems

            Environmental testing

            Radiation Tolerance Tests : SEE characterization & TID verification test

            Thermal Analysis
            Life Testing
Experienced personnel and partners from high-tech international industry allow to develop and supply Custom solutions implemented in accordance with international standards and/or custom specific requirements.


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