Who we are



D3CI is a Singapore based company founded in 2009.


D3CI provides premium electronic products and services to high-tech customers requiring high reliability electronics.


D3CI is specialized in the design and manufacturing of standard and/or custom microelectronic components and systems to meet customer requirements.


D3CI is familiar with international manufacturing, testing and quality assurance standards and is experienced with the requirements and procedures implemented by major systems integrators.


Regardless of your organization's size, regardless of the complexity and technical sophistication of your need, D3CI has efficient solutions that will meet your technical requirements and constraints





Our goals



D3CI provide:

v     High-End/High-Rel Electronic Design Integration and Validation

v     Electrical, mechanical, environmental and thermal optimization for high
      performance applications & challenges

v     Efficient prototyping methodology

v     Time to market compliance

v     Cost efficient commercial  and custom quality solutions responsive to customer
      specific application(s).


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